Dimas Anwar Aziz Close Up
Co-Founder & CIO

Dimas Anwar Aziz

The driving force behind our digital transformation. With a strategic vision and a deep understanding of technology, they lead our IT initiatives, ensuring seamless operations and innovation.


As the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of our organization, I bear the responsibility of guiding our digital journey into the future. It’s a role I embrace with passion and a relentless commitment to excellence.

Technology isn’t just a tool for us; it’s the backbone of our operations. My mission is to ensure that our IT landscape is not only robust but strategically aligned with our business objectives. I work closely with every department, forging a seamless bridge between technology and our core operations.

My days are a whirlwind of strategic planning, where I collaborate with our executive team to identify how technology can drive our organization forward. It’s about making informed decisions on investments, infrastructure, and systems that will empower our teams and enhance our competitive edge.

In this rapidly changing digital era, staying ahead is crucial. I’m the guardian of our technological vision, constantly scouting emerging trends and innovations that could give us an edge. Whether it’s adopting cloud solutions, implementing data analytics, or leveraging the power of IoT, I’m committed to exploring new avenues for growth.

Cybersecurity is always top of mind. Protecting our digital assets and sensitive data is non-negotiable. I ensure that our cybersecurity measures are cutting-edge and that our team is vigilant against evolving threats.

But technology is not just about efficiency; it’s also about the user experience. I advocate for user-friendly interfaces and intuitive systems that make our employees’ and customers’ lives easier. A seamless digital experience is a hallmark of our brand.

In addition to the technical aspects, I’m a firm believer in fostering a culture of innovation within our IT team. I empower our tech professionals to think creatively and seek novel solutions to complex challenges. After all, innovation often emerges from the intersection of diverse ideas and perspectives.

In summary, as the CIO of our organization, I’m not just a technologist; I’m a strategic leader, an advocate for innovation, and a guardian of our digital assets. Together with my dedicated IT team, I’m excited to continue shaping our digital landscape, ensuring that technology remains a driving force in our success.